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All domestic central heating combi boilers fitted by us can save £££ 100’s a year

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Old systems become sludged up causing poor heating performance and reduce the efficiency of you boiler. It is a gradual deterioration that over time can really increase your gas bill.

What this means to you is your system takes longer to heat up, produces less heat, uses more gas and costs you more money to run without you feeling as warm as you should because you've got it turned up higher for longer with poor results. You may experience cold spots on radiators that move around or radiators only getting warm at best.

We can also remove them and apply heat reflective foil to the wall behind, this can save up to 5% of heat loss through stopping heat escaping through the brickwork.

We are Part L certified which means we can meet the governments latest criteria for giving advice on upgrading or installing energy efficient systems.

Before undertaking any installation work we will take measurements assessing your existing gas supply pipe work and current heating installation to ensure it is suitable for connection to a modern boiler.

For an unbeatable deal….. call us now.

ideal baxi worcester bosch combi boiler new newcastleideal baxi worcester bosch combi boiler new newcastleideal baxi worcester bosch combi boiler new newcastle

All domestic central heating boilers supplied and fitted by us are based on the best currently available gas efficient technology. They can save £££ hundreds a year in running costs. The size of the saving you can make of course depends on what type of system you currently have installed, if its working correctly and how often you use it.

We flush every new system with chemicals and a special filter what removes sludge and other dirt to ensure it is in the best efficient shape it can be before installing your new boiler. And depending on what other work you specify we can also upgrade your radiators to the latest energy saving TRV’s (thermostatically controlled valves).

Power flushing from £250

Vokèra Easi Heat Plus 25Kw or 29Kw - Our lowest price 5 year warranty combi boiler

Supplied & installed from 25Kw £call, 29Kw £call also available in LPG ideal for caravans

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